Mumbai: Light to moderate rains expected over the next 48 hours; Rainfall activity to reduce later this month

According to the latest report by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Mumbai is expected to receive light to moderate rainfall accompanied by gusty winds over the next 48 hours. However, IMD has predicted that from Saturday, August 7, onwards rainfall activity will reduce and remain subdued till the end of this month.

The gusty winds that will blow over the city for the next two days will be due to the formation of a low-pressure area over Madhya Pradesh. It will also be responsible for intermittent light to moderate rain. Spells of rains are expected in Mumbai as well, though there is no alert on heavy rainfall, IMD officials explained.

The official further stated that there is likely to be subdued rainfall activity across Maharashtra for this month. It is likely to be below normal as per the monthly forecast issued by IMD.

Moreover, it has been observed that there will be a considerable reduction (as compared to July) in the amount of rainfall received by Central Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha.

Meanwhile, interior Maharashtra could also see a decrease in rainfall activity this month. However, the Konkan coast will continue to receive rainfall but it will not be in excess of what it received in July. In the fourth week of August, rainfall activity is expected to increase again because it will be the revival of monsoon and the monsoon trough will shift southwards.

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