Mumbai: Nearly 10,000-12,000 People Were Fined Over The Weekend For Flouting Mask Rule

Amid an impending third wave of coronavirus, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Mumbai Police, have recommenced penalizing nearly 10,000 residents of Mumbai daily for flouting face-covering masks norms, highlighted reports.

On September 6, the pinnacle was reached with almost 14,000 people being fined, stated a report by the Times of India. Statistics elucidated that recently those being fined fell to under 5,000. On August 29, however, I S Chahal, the municipal chief, instructed the ward officers, to employ covid-appropriate protocol amongst the residents. He added that he will be monitoring each ward’s achievements.

Through the weekend, individuals were fined for not wearing face masks, the number for which according to the account was nearly 10,000-12,000. This number was double of those fined, the previous month. Municipal data depicted that 4,945 on August 14 were fined.

The Mumbai Police along with the BMC has decided to take action against those not wearing masks. During the commencement of the second wave of the coronavirus, the civic authority had asked personnel to take action against 25,000 citizens every day. The narrative elaborated that with the festivities here, many are stepping out of the house and are letting their guards down.

The civic official added that personnel have been placed in areas in the city where the footfall is high and they have been asked to penalize people on the spot for flouting face masks rules since it doesn’t just harm them, but even those who come in their vicinity.

Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the civic authority made masks compulsory and offenders were penalized Rs 200.    

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