Mumbai Rains: Water level in 7 lakes of the city rise upto 98%

There is good news for Mumbaikars as the water level in the city lakes, which supply water to Mumbai, is continuously rising. 

This comes as Mumbai is witnessing rain spells since the beginning of September.

According to reports, nearly 98 per cent water had accumulated in the seven lakes as on Monday morning, September 13.

As per BMC’s water supply department, there will be no shortage of water in Mumbai till next year. There should be a total of 14,47,363 MLD water in the lakes by October 1.

Till Saturday morning, September 11, a total of 13,94,972 MLD water had accumulated in the lakes. 

Despite this, the water level of the lakes is still lower than in the year 2020 and 2019.

Reports stated that on September 11, 2020, 14,21,033 MLD water was stored in the lakes supplying water to Mumbai, while 14,12,262 MLD in the year 2019. 

It is pertinent to note that after the rains started in June this year, the city witnessed a dry spell in the beginning of July. Due to this, the concern of BMC regarding water had increased. 

The water level in the lakes rose significantly due to heavy rains in early August. With the water level of the lakes reaching nearly 98 per cent now, there will be no water cut in Mumbai till May next year.

Water level in 7 lakes

Upper Vaitarna – 1,92,869 MLD

Modak Sagar – 1,28,325 MLD

Tansa – 1,42,887 MLD

Madhya Vaitarna – 1,86,661 MLD

Bhatsa – 7,06,886 MLD

Vihar – 27,698 MLD

Tulsi – 8,046 MLD

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