Mumbai: Several huge trees cut for development of Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel

At a time when there are talks to make Mumbai more environment friendly, an incident came to light on Wednesday morning, December 22, where several huge trees were being cut in Parel.

This led to locals coming out on streets and questioning the authorities. Many took to Twitter and the video shared. A twitter user said: “22 Trees and still counting are being cut at Halfkins Institution Parel Mumbai to pave way for a Tata Hospital. Hospitals are essential but there can be an alternative instead of cutting down these trees.”

Meanwhile, Tanmay Shinde tweeted: “Many huge trees are being cut in Parel, Haffkine institute, F south ward for a car parking Facility. These trees are decades old and one amongst the few left in the area.”

Besides, another local remarked that the plan to develop the hospital is good, but one cannot go on taking up development projects at the cost of the environment.

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In no time a video showing the trees being cut was retweeted and shared by many claiming that the trees were cut to construct a car parking lot.

Clarifying further, a garden department official from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation‘s (BMC) F-south ward said that the trees were cut for development of Tata Memorial hospital building. He also mentioned that permission of the BMC chief, who is chairman of the tree authority, was granted.

A copy of the permission stated that in a letter to hospital, BMC has directed that they plant 44 trees in lieu of cutting 22.

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