EXCLUSIVE: Mumbaikars downvote roadside digital hoardings; expresses discontent on Twitter

In today’s time, billboards and hoardings are being replaced with digital billboards and hoardings. Along the stretch from Dadar to Bandra, one encounters a lot of digital hoardings of various sizes and shapes. These hoardings when place near roads, can be harmful for commuters, expressed Mumbaikars.

One such digital hoarding has been placed at the Pump House Subway Junction in Andheri East. It is large in size and is placed next to the Western Express Highway. Constant ads go on it with bright light. So much so, a shopkeeper beneath the hoarding runs his shop on it. When you are on a bike, it kind of blinds you because the light suddenly falls on your eyes and can be harmful.  

We encountered the same and took the video to Twitter. The video resonated with a lot of mumbaikars who not only liked the video but also retweeted and have tagged concerned authorities. 

User by the name SoilArmy said he has Dyslexia and has requested the authorities to bring it down. 

When the tweet was shared amongst Mumbaikars, many named other areas where similar digital hoarding has been placed. Mumbai resident Abhinav Bhalla mentioned in his tweet, that there is another between Kurla to Amar Mahal flyover.

Another user andheri_ka_batman and others said, the same is at Juhu circle which is equally bright. 

While many have asked to reduce the brightness, some are requesting to shut it down completely.

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