MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th January 2021

A semi-final to 2024 elections

The political stage is once again set for zeal, zest and zing plus excitement as the dates have been scheduled for the assembly elections in various states. Earlier if it was conflicts and clashes and jumping from one party to another, this time, along with the “conventional practices” each and every party is trying their level best to see that they remain in the limelight by haranguing their proposals and agenda and occasionally creating some political stunts.

It is high time the common man be prudent enough to choose the right candidate and support parties that work for the betterment of the common people and not to fall for cheap gimmicks, freebies and false promises.

M Pradyu, Kannur

Why Modi made a fuss at all?

Bold Talk by Ramu Sarma (THI, Jan 8) is really bold on the part of any Editor and he analysed the security lapse but he heaped praise on Modi and criticized all those who are opposed to the party.

Let’s view Modi’s lack of ideology as against the values stood for by the previous leaders. Modi seems to bank on making a political mileage on the Punjab issue. If it were to happen in a State-run by BJP, could he have made a heap of a mole like this after the Punjab CM apologetically said that he had no info on the change of road programme of Modi?

I had glimpse of Revanth Reddy’s video clip in which he says that Rajiv Gandhi and Modi, referring to an attempt on Rajiv in Sri Lanka. Rajiv didn’t make a fuss of it and in an interview he said that if he were to die it would be for the ideology he stood for. His mom also died for the ideology but Modi is just scared of a so-called security lapse and can he boldly stand up like Rajiv or his mom? Modi is first an RSS man and then the PM to those who have been watching his neo-political agenda.

Dr T Ramadas, Visakhapatnam

Congress yatra politically motivated

Apropos, “Araga urges Cong to cooperate for containing Covid menace,” (The Hans India, Jan 9). The Karnataka Congress party has undertaken 168-km padayatra for the sake of Mekedatu project in the State. But, the Tamil Nadu government has filed petitions against the project in Supreme Court, thereby, the project is stuck in legal tangles.

Against this backdrop, the Congress party’s padayatra can be seen as politically motivated in the light of the assembly elections due next year. But the moot question is, why couldn’t Congress, an ally of DMK, try to hold talks with the Tamil Nadu government, keeping the interests of both the states in mind, not to obstruct the project – which by no means harms their interests?

N Sadhasiva Reddy, Bengaluru

Tieup with CPM takes TRS nowhere

Refer to ‘TRS Party taking Left turn to stay in power?’ (Jan 9). The new-found bonhomie between TRS party and CPM, which is in power in Kerala, with a hope to keep at bay BJP, eludes the logic of level-headed citizens of Telangana as the ultimate beneficiaries in the unholy political tie-up will be Naxal and Maoist groups operating in several parts of Telangana.

This pact will not have any relevance whatsoever on the popularity and resurgence of BJP in the state. But, the ultimate and undoubted loser in the bargain will be Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which must not think in terms of forging friendship with political parties that have no relevance in nation-building and are hand-in-glove with India’s enemies.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad


The recent meeting with the left parties at lunch meeting at Pragathi Bhavan indicated a meeting of minds to root out BJP in the next general elections. KCR has utilised the opportunity to meet the left leaders and as BJP is targeting him right from winning in the prestigious Huzurabad elections. TRS failed to make Centre to commit to rice procurement in next season.

The Center is in turn blaming it for the fiasco. Day by day more prominent leaders are joining the BJP. KCR has for long been trying to unite like-minded parties against the BJP. He may not even hesitate to join hands with the Congress to fight against it. It seems a third front is likely against the BJP government.

Kanagiri SN Prasad, Hyderabad


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