Neetu Kapoor gets emotional as she talks about Rishi Kapoor’s last wish on Hunarbaaz, watch video

On April 14, 2022, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their family and close friends. The groom’s mother, Neetu Kapoor, revealed some sweet moments from the regal wedding and paid tribute to her late husband, Rishi Kapoor. She will now appear on the grand finale of the reality show Hunarbaaz, where she will reveal Rishi Kapoor’s final wish.

Neetu Kapoor will be seen on the sets of Hunarbaaz soon, and a preview showed the show’s sets decked out in celebration of the much-loved Bollywood couple’s wedding. On the stage, there were also two cutouts of the actors wearing garlands around their necks. On the sets of Hunarbaaz’s grand finale, Neetu Kapoor was spotted talking about her son’s wedding to long-time girlfriend Alia Bhatt, and how she hoped Rishi Kapoor was there to see it. She added that it was his last wish for his son to marry, but she was confident that he was watching everything.

 She said, “This was Rishi ji’s last wish ki ‘mere bete ki shaadi ho’. Aur mein dekh rahi this ki unki last wish puri ho rahi hai.” (This was Rishi ji’s last wish, that his son got married. And I was watching that wish come true) She added, “I only wish he was there to see it. But he is watching.”


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Alia Bhatt shared photos from the Mehendi ceremony, which took place the day before the wedding festivities. Ranbir was seen holding up a beautiful photo frame of his father in one of the photos, as he included him in the celebrations on his big day. Fans praised the actor for his wonderful gesture after seeing the photo.

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