NIA team reaches Jammu IAF base after twin blasts

A team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrived at the Air Force Station in Jammu, where two blasts took place earlier in the day.


Photograph: ANI

Initial inputs from the two explosions that took place inside the Air Force Station in Jammu suggest that a shaped charge (explosive device) was used for the attack, sources informed.

The two explosions took place at 1.27 am and 1.32 am, they added.

Earlier on Sunday, two drones were used to carry out the attack inside the Air Force base in Jammu, sources said.

They added that the possible target of the drones was the aircraft parked in the dispersal area.

As per sources, no major damage has been reported from the incident. However, two personnel suffered minor injuries.

According to the Indian Air Force (IAF), one of the blasts caused minor damage to the roof of a building, while the other exploded in an open area. An investigation into the matter is in progress along with civil agencies, it said.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also spoke Vice Air Chief, Air Marshal HS Arora regarding the incident and informed that Air Marshal Vikram Singh would soon reach Jammu to take stock of the blasts.

Sources informed that a high-level investigation team of the IAF will reach Jammu shortly.

Meanwhile, all flight operations are normal and 16 flights scheduled for the day departing to Delhi, Srinagar, Leh and Gwalior.

Only two flights G8 185 and SG 963 cancelled for the day due to operational reasons, Jammu airport officials said.

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