Niantic and Fold app partner to create an AR-based Bitcoin hunting experience

Bitcoin payments company Fold App is teaming up with Niantic to provide an AR-based crypto hunting experience. This partnership serves as the company’s foray into the real-world metaverse, where people get to directly interact with floating virtual currencies around them.

The concept is quite similar to the global sensation, Pokémon GO, where players are required to go outside and search for said items on their phones. In Fold App, however, the monsters will be replaced with bitcoins and other special items.

Fold CEO Will Reeves called this project the most fun and easiest way for someone to earn their first bitcoin. “Anyone can use our app to earn bitcoin and other rewards by exploring the world around them. For us, it’s always been important to make participating in the bitcoin economy easy for anyone, regardless of education or technical expertise,” reads the press release.

Dubbed, ‘Fold AR,’ the feature is currently in limited beta access and lets players open a new block every ten minutes, triggering an explosion of rewards. Players will be granted with Satoshis, which are the smallest unit of bitcoin or extra wheel spins that add bonus rewards on their Fold debit card. It is worth mentioning that users do not require a Fold card to play the game. However, holders do get extra spins and reward boosts.

The blocks also contain time extensions and orange pills that provide immunity from animated shitcoins in the vicinity. These critters are designed to try and steal away your hard-earned bitcoin in-game. At times, users could encounter a ‘poison pill’ as well which entirely depletes your bitcoin earnings.

Fold AR’s full experience is scheduled to release next year and will allow individuals to find, trade, and even hide bitcoins in their surroundings. In time, crypto merchants can also engage with the community to host in-game events and offer incentives.

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