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Nigella Lawson’s Philosophy of Food Couldn’t Feel More Timely

The title of Nigella Lawson’s new e book, Cook, Eat, Repeat, is sufficient to transport even probably the most beleaguered of house cooks straight again to the early months of lockdown. (Remember when that string of phrases began to really feel much less like a every day routine, and extra of a primal scream?) Lawson first started plotting the e book many months earlier than the pandemic hit, although, and she or he remembers the origins of its title just a little in another way. 

“All my books have been about where I am in my life, because I don’t see how else one writes,” she says. “Both the title and the project of Cook, Eat, Repeat predate the pandemic, and I had no idea that would become such a pattern. But it’s always been my way of living. If anything, I felt that more people came around to it over the past year.”

Even when writing recipes for one, Lawson’s potential to mix welcoming, lyrical prose about her love for meals with tried-and-tested recipes—whereas nonetheless, one way or the other, encouraging experimentation—feels completely pure, and continues unabated in her new e book. “I’ve always been someone who’s cooked for myself, but cooking for myself exclusively is a very new experience, and one I’ve really warmed to, actually,” Lawson continues. “Although my poor neighbor opposite did need to plow her way through quite a lot during recipe testing.” A observe to Lawson’s neighbor: If you’re planning a vacation anytime quickly, I volunteer to deal with sit.

In the introduction to the e book, Lawson describes this course of of cooking, consuming, and repeating because the “story of my life.” (A small slice of her story, maybe, however if you would like the extra salacious or tabloid-wrung narrative, simply use Google.) Where Lawson’s earlier books have emphasised both the joyful rituals of entertaining, or the therapeutic qualities of baking, her newest e book explores a richer and extra private scheme of rhythm and musicality inside the kitchen. It strikes a brand new, charming observe inside her now-extensive canon of writings on meals.

“If I had to cook every meal for four people day in day out, I might be feeling somewhat differently,” says Lawson. “In terms of just cooking for myself, which took me a while to get into, it’s so easy to just let the structure of a day go. If you’re a home cook, as I am, you’re always chopping or stirring. It’s important for people not to feel that cooking calls upon all these mysterious talents which people feel they don’t have, because it’s really just about responding to the ingredients in front of you.”

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