Nissan Motor to pull brake in sedan production in Japan

– Plans to focus on the production of Sports Utility Vehicles and electric vehicles 

– Plans to discontinue Skyline are uncertain 

Nissan Motor has announced its plans to end the development of all new versions of the company’s sedans in Japan. The company will channelise its focus on the production of Sports Utility Vehicles in the home market. Currently, the company has three models on sale, which include – the Fuga, Cima, and the Skyline. The company ended production of the Slyphy sedan in 2020. As per media reports, major suppliers have already been informed about the developments. 

The streamline of the process will allow the company to align the production process and invest in the development of SUV and electric vehicles. That said, the company will continue to develop sedans for the international market. Nissan’s Tochigi factory north of Tokyo, the production base for Skyline and other sedans will soon be used for assembling the Ariya electric vehicle and other future electric models.

It is to be seen if the company will end the production of its popular seller, the Skyline. Asako Hoshino had recently denied reports about the Skyline being discontinued. Development in this regard will be known at a future date.

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