No PM before Modi damaged India’s reputation to this extent: CM KCR

Hyderabad: Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Saturday welcomed opposition’s presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha and held a meeting in support of his candidature.

KCR addressed the TRS party meeting at Jalvihar on Saturday. “Yashwant Sinha started his career as an advocate. He came to politics and progressed steadily to become minister of finance and then of eternal affairs. We feel proud to welcome and support him,” he said.

“Today I talk to all the parliamentarians who are eligible to vote in the presidential elections to compare both the candidates. Use your wisdom and endorse Yashwant Sinha,” said KCR.

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“Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime minister of India. There have been 14 Prime Ministers before him. The country’s reputation has not dropped lower in anyone else’s term. You harass those who speak against you. You are destroying democracy. You have destroyed 9 state governments by now,” said KCR.

He addressed the Prime Minister. “At the same time that you are lambasting your opposition, answer the people’s questions. When you were initially elected, you made many promises. We want to know if even one of those promises were fulfilled. This is not my thinking, it is the country’s.”

“There have been many prime ministers before PM Modi. They do their term and leave. But it feels like Modi thinks he will be PM forever. There are issues in every sector. Farmers, youth, unemployed and common men are struggling. Then what has your administration done?”

He asked if there was any benefit to the ‘Make In India’ campaign. He asked about the Sri Lankan economic crisis and asked what India’s role was in the situation. He added that the rupee’s value has not fallen more in any other Prime Minister’s term.

Its a dire necessity of the country to keep good relations with other nations. Modi went to America and endorsed Trump by saying ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkaar‘. “What was your motive behind saying such an irresponsible statement? Did you think this was the Ahmedabad municipal elections?” he remarked.

“People think Modi ji is a God. But a person is a person, and can never become a God,” KCR said.

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