No word on Three Capitals from Andhra Pradesh CM

VIJAYAWADA: There was palpable disappointment as Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy did not make any mention of the Three Capitals during his speech at the Independence Day celebrations here on Sunday. This surprised the people as Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan had affirmed about the Three Capitals in his speeches.

The chief minister, however, took special care in explaining the developmental and welfare works carried out by the YSRC government in the past 26 months and said it was also working for the welfare of government employees.


The speculations were rife about the CM shifting his camp office to Visakhapatnam by Dasara festival season, and people have expected a statement from him about the Three Capitals plan.  

Governor Harichandan had, during his address of the Republic Day celebrations and at the start of the assembly session, stated that the state government adhered to the development of all regions through Three Capitals plan, and affirmed that the government would implement this decision.

Many cases have been filed in the high court against the Three Capitals plan. Recently, the government decided to shift the seat of the Lokayukta and the state human rights commission to Kurnool. A petition was filed by Amaravati-for-capital supporters seeking establishment of the HRC and Lokayukta in Amaravati and opposing its shift to Kurnool.


According to experts, there is no legal hurdle to the shifting of the CM’s camp office to Visakhapatnam. The chief minister can work from any place as per his wish. However, the silence on the part of the CM now is creating confusion among the people as also among political leaderships.

CM Jagan gave an indirect answer on the “misuse of funds” allegations by the Telugu Desam and other opposition parties, and stressed that every paisa is spent on people’s welfare and developmental activities. 

“We have faced many challenges in the last one and a half years (of Covid19 spread), and experienced the worst circumstances ever in human history. The state revenue has decreased and the expenditure increased. Even in these hard times, no welfare scheme was put on hold and every single rupee was given directly to the people in a way that there was no corruption and discrimination,” he said.


Further, the CM said various welfare schemes like Amma Vodi, YSR Cheyutha, YSR Asara, Jala Kala, Kapu Nestam and Nethanna Nestham were brought in, besides the Disha Act aimed at the economic, social and political empowerment of women.

“In the true spirit of the Constitution, we are providing opportunities to all and ensuring social justice through implementation of the Nava Ratnalu scheme for uplift of the weaker sections in an unprecedented manner, despite the present financial constraints. In times of Covid, the government improved the medicare services across the state, and fought against the pandemic by testing, tracing and treating. Treatment for Covid has been brought under Aarogyasri to make it accessible for more people. Like no other government in the country, AP has been depositing Rs 10 lakh for children who lost their parents in the pandemic, for their future welfare.”


“Also, for the first of its kind, the government provided weekly off for the cops, hiked the salaries of almost 7 lakh employees and gave 27 percent IR for government employees. In the last 26 months, 94,000 outsourced employees have been recruited through APCOS and provided over 6.03 lakh jobs. In the nominated‌ posts, 50 per cent reservation was given to women and they have set up 56 corporations specifically for BCs.”

The chief minister concluded his speech by saying that “this government belongs to the people, and I am here only to provide services to them with the authority vested in me.” He said the state is moving forward setting a best example for fraternity, justice, equality and democracy. 


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