Numerology: How to Decode Someone’s Personality by Day of Birth

While people are always keen to read their astrology based on their birth month, one must know that the day of birth is as important in numerology as your birth month. The day that you are born speaks a lot about your characteristics and traits and hence it is interesting to have a look at these. You may also want to have a look at what are your partners’ traits to better understand them.

Sunday: Sun is a bright star and hence the people who are born on Sunday are extremely brilliant and never settle for less. These are creative minds that want to make a mark on the world and wish to be remembered for good. They are kind and noble souls who love adventure and authenticity.

People born on this day want to enjoy life to the fullest and live each day as if it were the last. They are high-spirited, and this is sometimes the reason that they may end up in trouble. There is no doubt that they are attention-seeking and can only be friends with people that give them that attention.

Tips to enhance luck: Gift yourself something on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck

Monday: Moon is what rules people born on Monday and so just like the moon they are calm and have a stronghold on their domestic lives. They believe in having strong family ties and are kind, generous, possessive, and adjusting. Such people are more attached to their mothers and women which is why they also have a strong instinct and caring nature. Such people believe in experiences rather than facts. They are true liberalists and are always keen to change the world for good. For a healthy and happier life, it is good that people born on this day worship Lord Shiva and Ganesh on Mondays.

Tips to enhance luck: Gift your mother something made of silver on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck.

Tuesday: People born on Tuesday are ruled by Mars which means that they are people with strong willpower and are hardcore fighters in tough situations. They never give up and always find a way out. These are fierce individuals with an enthusiastic approach to life. People around them are never bored and they are mostly an inspiration for others. However, the downside is that in their quest to achieve the success they may sometimes be destructive.
Such individuals are always high on energy and can transform their dreams into reality. To enhance their luck, such people must do charities on Tuesday.

Tips to enhance luck: Gift your elder brother something on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck

Wednesday: People born on Wednesday are ruled by Mercury which makes them restless, and they are very inquisitive and question almost everything around them. They have good communication skills and one of their key skills is their versatility. This is also the reason that they are free-spirited and careless which is sometimes not very good for their growth. They are keen learners and do not refrain from exploring new avenues in life. They have an analytical approach in life and with their smart approach, they can tackle challenges without much hassle. Their luck number is five and as per their day of birth, they must engage in religious activities on Wednesday for a happier and prosperous life.

Tips to enhance luck: Gift your sister something on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck.

Thursday: People born on Thursday are ruled by Jupiter which is the most influential planet in astrology. Such people have strong determination and have high chances of growth, prosperity in their life. They have an optimistic attitude and are generous and kind in their approach towards other people.

They are born teachers and free-spirited learners which is the reason why they are loved by all.

Tips to enhance luck: Donate something yellow to any religious place on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck.

Friday: Venus rules those born on Friday which means that such individuals are loving and affectionate. They are artistic souls that cherish their bonds, especially the romantic ones. They have charming personalities and can attract almost anyone. They like a luxurious life and value partnerships in both their personal and professional lives. You must choose a partner who is wealthy and has a warm heart.

Tips to enhance luck: Gift your spouse something on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck.

Saturday: People born on Saturday are born under the influence of the planet Saturn. They do not have it easy; their struggles are constant which makes them stronger and determined to get through everything. They are intelligent and practical people who have strict boundaries in life and are highly disciplined. Others may find them suspicious and adamant at times.

However, strong, and arrogant they may look on the outside but are great friends to be. They must do charities on Saturday so that they have fewer struggles in life.

Tips to enhance luck: Donate something to an old age person on each birthday to give new impetus to your luck.

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