Offbeat designs to explore while choosing the perfect engagement ring

Selecting the right ring for your partner can be a tricky choice. This is mainly because every individual has unique preferences, but they also wish it to be the ring they’ve always dreamt of. While a lot of stores might flaunt exquisite collections, you must know your mind before you head to the jewellers. Right from a gold band encrusted with diamonds, to simple rings that flaunt a large gemstone, you can opt for a classic or choose offbeat designs. Should you wish to step away from convention and look for offbeat designs, then this write-up shall offer you insight into stunning engagement rings you may want to get for your woman.

A Three-stone Setting

This design is probably the most romantic of any setting you may choose, because the three-stones in this ring have a special meaning. Since the diamonds are styled closely, they stand for the husband and wife’s past, present, and future together. While all the gemstones can be of a similar size, many brides prefer the middle stone to be the largest rock, flanked by smaller gems that are often rubies or sapphires.

A Pavé Setting

Derived from the French word pave, which means to pave with stones, this style is particularly popular lately. These bands are usually set with precious stones like diamonds in a close setting so that the band shows the least metal. It is a great choice should you wish to maximise the sparkle on your finger. If you wish to delve into the technical aspect of this, you should know that the jeweler usually drills each hole in the band and then attaches gemstones into them. He would then insert minuscule beads prongs into each stone to fasten the gem in place. These rings usually feature a bold rock in the centre surrounded by diamonds in a pave setting.

engagement ring style

A Vintage Setting

Should you seek a truly unique choice, then you must consider opting for a vintage ring. Such styles can look stunning on your finger and represent a particular time period that invokes a sense of nostalgia. After all, the best jewelry carries special memories, so getting a ring themed after the Art Deco or Victorian era is an enchanting prospect. Most of the jewelers used a gemstone in a bold hue to festoon such antique rings. Also, you are sure to love the intricate metalwork and use of gold that is a highlight in such rings.

engagement ring styles

While a solitaire diamond ring is deemed a relatively safe choice, you may choose any of these options if you desire a jewel that everyone can’t help but marvel at.

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