Only 9 per cent government schools in Telangana have internet access

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HYDERABAD: Telangana government might pride itself over Hyderabad’s recognition as the hub of Information Technology industry, but the unfortunate fact is only 23 percent government schools in the state have functional computer facility. The number is worse when it comes to availability of internet connection – only 9 percent government schools in Telangana have internet facility.

Compared to Telangana, the percentage of government schools having functional computer and internet facilities in Kerala are 93 percent and 88 percent respectively.

These numbers are as per the ‘Unified District Information System for Education Plus(UDISE+) 2019-20’ report by the Union Ministry of Education’s Department of School Education and Literacy.

Analysis of the 2019-20 report in comparison with the 2016-17 report by Express has revealed that the number of students enroled in government schools has decreased over the years and increased in private schools, despite an increase in the number of government schools in the state.

While the total number of students enroled in schools in Telangana regardless of the management was 64,39,354 in the year 2016-17, it increased to 69,37,640 in the year 2019-20.

However, when looked at the school management wise numbers, while the enrolment numbers in government schools went down by 45,210, the enrolment in private schools increased by as much as 5,96,512, between the period 2016-17 to 2019-20.

Looking at one data from the UDISE+ 2019-20 report will give an idea, why the parents in Telangana might prefer admitting their children to private schools over government schools. The percentage of private schools having functional computer facility is 67 percent, whereas the percentage of schools with internet facility is 54 percent.

Government schools in Telangana are also far from being disabled-friendly. As per the report, a dismal two percent government schools in the state have Children with Special Needs(CWSN)-friendly toilets and only 24 percent government schools have ramps with handrails. Also, around six percent government schools in the state do not have drinking water facility within the school premises.

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