Our Readers Nominated These 20 Companies for Vogue’s Sustainability Directory

In January, Vogue published a global directory of companies that fit within three pillars of building a sustainable wardrobe: repair, rewear, and reuse. The first category highlighted companies that could help one rejuvenate and restore their well-loved clothing. The second spotlighted vintage shops, clothing rental companies, and resale platforms around the world. Lastly, reuse encompassed textile recycling and upcycling something old into something new-feeling and fresh.

We opened the floor to our readers, and received hundreds of submissions. This week, ahead of Earth Day, we are refreshing each of our categories with the top 20 reader recommendations from around the world. Many of these companies were recommended multiple times by enthusiastic customers, from brands with in-house resale platforms to must-see coveted vintage hubs. Explore the new additions in our freshly updated directory. 

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