Outriders Review: Fun Co-Op RPG Shooter Gets in Its Own Way

Outriders — the brand new co-op RPG shooter from Poland-headquartered People Can Fly, the studio behind Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm — is an always-online expertise. That’s not new for video video games in right this moment’s day and age, extra so once you’ve received a co-op title like Outriders that permits mates and/or strangers — relying in your in-game settings — to drop in and out. But always-online video games are a two-fold drawback: they not solely require avid gamers to have an uninterrupted Internet connection, however in addition they demand the sport’s servers to always operate on the highest order. And in the week of Outriders’ launch, People Can Fly has actually struggled with the latter. In my time with the sport since final Thursday, I’ve been kicked out of Outriders extra occasions than I can depend.

The commonest technical drawback I confronted in Outriders was a dialog field that reads “Internet connection error”. Rest assured it has nothing to do together with your Internet connection. In reality, it is a server challenge. Every single time it occurs, you may be thrown again to the primary menu. Following that at occasions, Outriders will bug out and promptly crash. It’s very a lot attainable I noticed extra server errors than missions I completed on Outriders. Sometimes, you may even be confronted with “Internet connection error” on the Outriders begin display itself. The recreation additionally takes ceaselessly to begin, with a tiny ring spinning subsequent to the phrases “authenticating and “signing in”. People Can Fly have themselves admitted that it would take 10 minutes. In the realm of ready, that appears like ceaselessly.

Outriders will not be as dangerous as Cyberpunk 2077

Playing Outriders for the previous few days has felt like a déjà vu of my time reviewing Cyberpunk 2077. But fortunately, the sport’s core itself is not damaged. The fault appears to lie with People Can Fly’s servers, which sure, technically are part of Outriders because it’s an always-online recreation. You might argue that the sport is damaged; in any case, there isn’t a offline mode on supply right here. The server troubles closely impacted my recreation expertise — and even my progress. Outriders dropped out throughout a cutscene following a boss struggle, and I found that it hadn’t been saved after I returned. I even received the achievement however Outriders believed I by no means killed the boss. I gave up — and would have probably uninstalled if I wasn’t reviewing the sport — although weirdly it fastened itself after I booted up Outriders a day later.

The recreation’s recurring server troubles have additionally restricted the alternatives I needed to play Outriders with mates. While considered one of us may be capable to get into the sport, others would not have the identical luck. On different events, the drop in characteristic would throw up a “party failure” error, prohibiting you from teaming up. Or Outriders would freeze visitor gamers in-game after throwing up a “host connection problem”. Sometimes it might repair itself, however then the frozen gamers may be instantly kicked out. In a few instances, a frozen good friend who noticed no error screens was invisible to the remainder of us, and needed to sign off and log in once more. This is all naturally very irritating, and it made us hand over after making an attempt just a few occasions. The finest session lasted round two hours earlier than it too went bust.

The state of affairs with Outriders’ servers is dangerous sufficient that the sport’s official Twitter has been filled with simply troubleshooting information, with People Can Fly’s assist workforce offering gamers with all sort of inventive methods to get round recurring issues. Some missions require you to drop sure gadgets at a camp, for example. As for the signing in troubles, avid gamers are being asked to energy down their consoles for a number of minutes earlier than turning them on once more. Playing a recreation should not be a lot work, however with Outriders, that is what it’s proper now. This all displays a recreation that has been launched earlier than it was really prepared, which is humorous as a result of a demo was launched again in February, giving People Can Fly over a month to work out kinks throughout what was basically a beta interval.

And Outriders’ servers aren’t the one factor that is affected by beta hangover. Outriders helps cross-platform play throughout all units, however the recreation notes that the characteristic is at the moment in beta. At least in this division, Outriders has some type of defence for its flaws. Cross-play is damaged for PC gamers on the time of writing — however hey, it is in beta. Those aforementioned bugs that freeze gamers? That too occurred throughout cross-play. Though there are structural considerations too. Cross-play wants a singular recreation code that must be generated each time you log in. There’s no cross-platform ID (like with Rocket League) and the good friend system would not work with cross-platform mates both. That stated, I’m completely happy it exists — cross-play must be the usual in 2021 — because it permits my mates and I to play Outriders throughout three completely different consoles.

The completely different character lessons in Outriders
Photo Credit: Square Enix/People Can Fly

Outriders the sport

When the servers aren’t bothering you, in Outriders, you may end up traversing an alien wasteland, full of insurgents and large otherworldly creatures. Played from a third-person perspective, Outriders locations you in the position of the titular elite soldier — playable as a person or girl — who’s a part of the final vestige of humanity. After you land on an alien planet known as Enoch, you inadvertently acquire supernatural powers due to the Anomaly, a large vitality storm, however are mortally wounded in the method. You get up three a long time later from a cryochamber, with Enoch now resembling a hellscape, divided between colonists and rebels, all caught throughout the Anomaly. As one of many superpowered “Altered”, you are tasked to determine an answer.

Before you got down to repair Enoch, Outriders may have you choose from 4 character lessons: Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. Most of those are typical for a role-playing recreation: Devastator is the close-range tank with highly effective gravity powers, Trickster is akin to a thief or rogue and may teleport and freeze enemies, Pyromancer wields fireplace from mid-range, and Technomancer is the long-range assist and may name in turrets, rockets, and poison. Co-op permits for groups of three — People Can Fly stated 4 led to overcrowding — which suggests you and your pals must choose which class to drop. All of them have three means slots that let you select what superpowers you want to wield. The powers include cool downs, however that is not all you are able to do to take the struggle to your enemies.

Each character has weapons too. There’s room for 3 in the loadout: two most important weapons and a pistol sidearm (with infinite bullets). Outriders is pretty liberal with new weapon drops, which suggests you may always be leaping into the stock menus to modify up your loadout. On high of a base firepower worth, weapons have a bunch of various properties: vary, accuracy, stability, and rarity. The final of these is very necessary because it impacts particular talents. Depending on how uncommon the weapon is, you may slot in one to 3 standing results equivalent to leeching well being, boosting well being with killing photographs, and freezing or lighting up enemies. You may also improve weapons and craft modifiers with assets you get from the world or dismantling gadgets you do not want. But the crafting system is kind of demanding, which basically means you are a grind.

outriders weapons outriders review

A few weapons from Outriders
Photo Credit: Square Enix/People Can Fly

It’s simpler switching to new extra highly effective weapons although positive, they may not have be as particular (learn uncommon) because the much less highly effective ones. Outriders’ high quality of loot — weapons or armour — is instantly tied to the problem. Unlike different video games, this is not a setting that you just choose in the start. Outriders has a system known as “World Tier” which defines how highly effective the enemies are and the way uncommon the weapon drops are. World Tier goes as much as degree 15 however new ranges solely unlock as you degree up your self. The concept is that Outriders will keep aggressive as you progress via the sport. It additionally means that you may simply change right down to a decrease World Tier in the event you’re caught, however that does imply your merchandise drops will not be as good. This may cyclically drive you to stay on that degree, so you have to use it correctly.

Outriders gameplay

In sure methods, Outriders attracts on People Can Fly’s personal previous work (à la Gears of War) and a number of the hottest video games of its ilk (Destiny 2 and others). It’s half cowl shooter, with an assisted cowl system serving to from run from over spot to the following. Depending on the character class you choose, you may dangle again or sneak up subsequent to enemies. That lets you deliver your powers into play, in addition to choosing out weapons that work finest for the state of affairs in entrance of you. Attack is the most effective defence on Outriders as there are not any well being drops; you’ve got to kill others to outlive and are available out on high. But you do have to choose your time. Some enemies are very highly effective (learn bullet sponges) and Outriders can throw lots at you at occasions. It can get overwhelming, which is the place the World Tier system helps.

You may be tempted to play conceal and shoot however however People Can Fly has a variety of concepts to drag gamers out of canopy. The favorite selection for all combatants is to lob explosives and mortars at gamers in cowl with precision and frequency. What makes it annoying is that gamers have no entry to grenades themselves. Outriders’ message is straightforward: do not conceal. Add to that quite a lot of enemies, like in Gears of War. Some choose you out from afar, some load on you from medium vary, different heavily-armoured ones nonchalantly stroll in direction of you in the open, and but others wielding twin axes or curved blades dash at you full pace. Some might even attempt to flank you, although they’re much extra more likely to throw a grenade to push you into the open the place somebody can take a straightforward shot.

outriders altered outriders review

A enemy combatant in Outriders
Photo Credit: Square Enix/People Can Fly

That’s not all. In Outriders, you may additionally face “Altered” enemies who’ve superpowers similar to you do. They may teleport across the battlefield, fireplace electrical bolts at you want Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, or have a lava vortex chase you repeatedly. Staying out in the open towards different Altered people normally outcomes in a fast loss of life. If you are taking part in with mates, it is good to flank and rotate roles, which lets considered one of you take in injury for a bit whereas others recuperate. But that is simpler stated than carried out. When Outriders overwhelms you, every of you should have lots to take care of. Once, with each of my teammates down, I discovered myself working across the battlefield to distract the enemies in order to make time to revive my mates. It’s a comical little bit of recreation administration to say the least.

But it is not at all times an possibility both. Outriders might appear like an open world nevertheless it basically features like a linear hall shooter — you progress from one enviornment to the following clearing out enemies. If you run too far again after getting into a brand new space, Outriders will throw up a 10-second countdown earlier than the fight resets. And because the enviornment measurement varies extensively, it limits what you are able to do. You cannot run away. You cannot stand your floor as a result of they’re bullet sponges. You cannot run deeper into the sector as a result of there’s too a lot of them. And the speed at which you are dropping well being outpaces the regeneration, together with your superpowers unable to manage/ caught in cooldown. At occasions, you may finish together with your again to an (invisible) wall, questioning if lack of talent is really the explanation behind your loss.

You can counteract a few of this by teaming up with others, however co-op can solely assist a lot in Outriders. What I seen most throughout our Outriders group periods is how the play types change relying on who you could have in your squad. While I’m a Pyromancer, my two mates are a Technomancer and Trickster, respectively. A boss mission with a large spider turned extra manageable with a close-range participant (Trickster), whereas an unlimited snowy enviornment was fertile floor for my long-range good friend (Technomancer) to whittle down the numbers from afar. There had been occasions after we questioned if having a tank (Devastator) to soak up injury may need come in helpful, which is what People Can Fly desires you to ponder — and why it lets you create as much as six characters.

outriders trickster outriders review

A Trickster in Outriders
Photo Credit: Square Enix/People Can Fly

Outriders overview

When all of it comes collectively, Outriders could be good enjoyable. The gunplay felt just a little stilted and laboured to me early on, however I’ve discovered it to be actually satisfying at occasions, particularly once you empty a volcanic-charged cartridge into an enemy’s head — and so they plop to the bottom. And Outriders retains you in your toes as you are always balancing varied components: the place to seek out cowl, dodging grenades, when to leap again out, who to focus on first, the right way to maximise your powers, and dealing together with your squad. Outriders was constructed with co-op in thoughts and that is when it comes alive. It’s good to have a good friend to lean on, and that goes for Outriders too, as they can assist revive you. In reality, a few of our most intense conversations have come out of debating when it is a good time to aim to revive somebody.

Yes, now we have had our share of frustrations. We had been unable to determine some ranges, although we knew every of us was maximising our talents. That compelled us to drop the World Tier down a few pegs. It felt like Outriders was basically telling us to grind elsewhere earlier than returning to that time. And in fact, now we have confronted all types of server points. Our play periods have not organically come to an finish as a lot as they have been dropped at a halt on their very own. And that is after we really received previous the beginning menu. I do hope that People Can Fly can enhance on this as quickly as attainable, as a result of it is not easy to advocate a recreation in this state. More so in the event you’re paying full value for it. Outriders retains getting in its personal method proper now — however regardless of the quite a few server troubles I’ve confronted, I am unable to wait to leap again into Outriders with my mates.


  • Best with mates
  • Powers are enjoyable to make use of
  • Keeps you in your toes
  • Different lessons, completely different playstyles
  • Scalable problem
  • Variety of weapons
  • Universal cross-play


  • Always on-line
  • No offline mode, not even solo
  • Long loading occasions
  • Combat can get overwhelming
  • Crafting, missions require grind
  • Server troubles at launch
  • Game-crashing bugs
  • No cross-play ID, mates

Rating (out of 10): 7

Gadgets 360 performed Outriders on the Xbox One X. The recreation is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Stadia, and GeForce Now.

It prices Rs. 2,980 on Epic Games Store, Rs. 2,999 on Steam, and Rs. 3,999 on Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store. Outriders can also be obtainable as a part of Xbox Game Pass (on consoles-only) that prices Rs. 699 per 30 days.

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