Over 93% of parents say no to reopening schools in city, HSPA survey reveals

Hyderabad: In distinction to the current surveys that exposed about 70 per cent of parents supporting the reopening of schools in the state, the Hyderabad Schools Parents Association (HSPA)’s in-house ballot survey on Thursday mentioned that 93 per cent of the taking part parents didn’t need the schools to be re-opened as but.

HSPA, an impartial parents’ affiliation that often highlights annual price hikes, carried out two ballot surveys for parents on its Telegram group on Tuesday. While the primary one is to observe whether or not their wards are enrolled in authorities or non-public schools, the second ballot was associated to the re-opening of schools now, i.e. amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

In the 332 votes polled on the survey associated to re-opening, a large 93 per cent of the parents most well-liked the schools to stay closed, whereas solely 7 per cent needed re-opening.

“There are concerns of the outbreak of a second wave and reports of students testing positive after the schools or colleges have reopened. We will wait until the situation subsides, or even till the vaccine is effectively rolled out,” mentioned Seema Agarwal, president of HSPA.

“Due to these concerns, many of the parents, including me, don’t want to send their wards to school,” she added.

The first ballot revealed that of the 318 votes polled, 98 per cent of the parents had their youngsters enrolled in non-public schools and kids of solely 2 per cent are enrolled in authorities schools.

On January 4, the HSPA members met the training minister Sabita Indira Reddy for the third time and submitted illustration for 50 % pandemic price reduction.

HSPA is the parents affiliation working for the trigger of price hike and demanding regulation of Private schools price  and different points of faculty college students.

Fatima Hasan is a Hyderabad primarily based journalist

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