Pakistan to take part in India led initiative on COVID-19 crisis

Pakistan will take part in India led initiative on the COVID-19 crisis. The meet on the official level– primarily well being specialists will focus on the trade of fine practices to take care of the crisis. 

Many of the nations who’ve been invited are members of the SAARC grouping.

In March of Last yr, the Indian Prime Minister referred to as for a SAARC meet on the COVID pandemic. The meet noticed all of the SAARC heads of govt/state taking part barring Pakistan. Pakistan was current at a junior degree on the assembly. One of the important thing outcomes of the meet was the institution of the SAARC emergency fund, with India contributing $10 million to it.

Amid the pandemic, India reached out to many nations in the area with medicines and different support. It despatched 75000 MT of meals support to Afghanistan by way of Chabahar, medical tools, and different associated issues like masks to Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh. Under Mission Sagar 1, whereas it reached out to 5 nations in the Indian Ocean–Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, and Seychelles by sending medicines and meals support.

This yr, India gifted COVID-19 vaccines to nations in the area. These are –Bangladesh with 20 Lakhs doses, Myanmar with 17 Lakhs doses, Nepal with 10 Lakhs, Bhutan with 1.5 Lakhs, the Maldives with 1 Lakh, Mauritius with 1 Lakh, Seychelles with 50000, Sri Lanka with 5 Lakhs, and Afghanistan 5 Lakhs. This is extra to many nations in Latin America, CARICOM that New Delhi reached out to.

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