Palakkad: Youth ate apple after killing parents, tried to inject pesticide into mother’s body

By Express News Service

PALAKKAD: Sanal, 28, who allegedly killed his parents by hacking them multiple times showed no remorse when he was brought to his house at Otturkavu in Puduppariyaram in Palakkad for evidence collection on Wednesday.

The bodies of Chandran, 64, and Devi, 54, of Mayuram house were found by neighbours on Monday morning. The postmortem reports said Devi had suffered 33 cuts while Chandran had 29 injuries. The police brought Sanal to the house at 8.30am. He explained to the police that he locked the front door from inside first. Then, he went to the living room where his mother was sitting. She asked him for a glass of water. An altercation ensued and he went into the kitchen backyard and brought a sickle and a hatchet with which he hacked her multiple times.

In the meantime, his father, who had been confined to the bed for sometime after suffering a spinal injury following a fall, started shouting on hearing the commotion. Sanal then went inside the bedroom and hacked his father also. 

The police asked Sanal why he had poured pesticide into the wounds of his parents. Sanal told them that it was to help absorb the blood. Sanal explained that he had also tried to inject the pesticide into his mother to make sure that she died. However, he slipped on the blood splattered on the floor and the needle of the syringe broke. 

He also showed the police the blood-soaked T-shirt with the inscription ‘Normal is boring’ he was wearing at the time of the crime. He had hidden it under a stack of firewood. When the police showed the hair strands of his mother on the hatchet, Sanal was nonchalant. Sanal told the police that after killing his parents, he sat beside the bodies and ate an apple. Then he took a bath and left the house through the back door. The neighbours had told the police that they did not hear any sound on Sunday night.

The police used a ploy to bring Sanal who had escaped to Bengaluru back. On their instructions, his brother Sunil phoned Sanal saying that some burglars had killed their parents and he should come immediately to perform their last rites. Sanal who arrived by a train was arrested on Tuesday. The police said Sanal was a drug addict.

Sanal, who did his BTech, was working as a salesman in a Mumbai jewellery store. After the Covid outbreak, he lost his job and returned home in 2020. He had been living with his parents since then. 


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