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New Delhi: The production-linked incentive scheme (PLI) for manufactured fiber and technical textiles will help promote manufacturing, increase exports and attract investment in the sector, textile firm RSWM Ltd, Riju Jhunjhunwala, said on Friday.

He also said that the immediate need of the hour is to place synthetic textiles equal to cotton in the chain of goods and services (GST).

‘The PLI scheme is what the sector needs. India today lags behind in the world with synthetic textiles, and this scheme will help. ”

“It will not only increase the production capacity of India but also increase the investment and production in the textile sector,” he said.

To promote the export of textile products, he suggested that the government come up with an export scheme such as DEPB (passport scheme for rights) in various forms.

‘Exports are doing well due to a conscious call from world giants to curb their consumption from China. They focus on sourcing India, Southeast Asia, and so on, and the effect of this is seen in exports, ‘Jhunjhunwala added.

On the key challenges facing the sector, he said that skilled manpower and raw materials at globally competitive prices are something we miss.

‘The rise in prices of imported raw materials has also increased the prices of dyes. The government can help industrialists by relaxing the GST on the import of materials and dyes. They can also determine the prices of the imported raw material, ”he said.

Source: Telangana Today

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