Precocious Puberty: What Can Cause Early Puberty In Children?

Precocious Puberty: What Can Cause Early Puberty In Children?

The ideal age around which children experience puberty is between 8 and 13. But, sometimes, children might develop early.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : February 21, 2023 4:54 PM IST

Early puberty in children is known as precocious puberty. Ideally there is a particular time and age when children undergo their adolescence. The time and age varies from one children to another. Some children hit their puberty age around age 12 or 13 while other might hit a little late like 14 or 15. On an average, puberty in girls starts between 8 and 13 and in boys between ages 9 and 14. But, in certain cases, girls and boys often hit their puberty before they are even 8 or 9 years old. Experts state that, signs of puberty and its progression before age 8 or 9 is considered precocious and this affects about 1 out of 5,000 children. Experts state that they are not really sure why sometimes children undergo early puberty.

Are you noticing signs that signify your child is showing signs of puberty much earlier than you were expecting? Early puberty can happen but that does not mean it is not a sign of concern. If children hit the puberty age too early there is a chance it might impact there growth later in the future. Precocious puberty can impact children’s mental health and lead to emotional and social issues.

What Causes Precocious Puberty?

When a child hits puberty, they undergo a lot of changes. For girls, they start developing breasts and undergo menstruation. Boys start developing their bodies as well along with rapid change in height and deepening of voice. Along with these symptoms, both girls and boys also experience acne problems and adult body odor. Here are the reasons why this could happen.


Presence of excess fat in the body ups the level of estrogen and insulin secretion in the body. this can induce early puberty in children. Make sure your children take up enough outdoor activities that will keep them fit and keep obesity at bay.

Exposure To BPA

Exposure to BPA can also cause early puberty. BPA is a chemical that is found in linings of food cans, plastic boxes, water bottles, tiffin and other food storage containers. BPA can steep into food and severely impact the body of children, especially girls. Exposure to BPA can also cause problems like irregular menstruation, PCOD or PCOS.

Exposure To Junk Food

The fact that junk food is bad for children for numerous reasons is not new information. Junk food contains high amount of animal fat which can also induce early puberty in children due to high insulin secretion. If a child is fed more vegetables and healthy food, he or she might hit puberty at a later stage.

Exposure To Adult Content

Social media exposure means that your child is exposed to too much adult content. This is also one of the reasons for early onset of puberty. Exposure to adult content can directly impact the pituitary gland of the brain. The gland when stimulated secretes hormones which further stimulate the testicles or the ovaries to produce sex hormones, namely testosterone and estrogen, respectively which sets the stage for early puberty amongst children.

Protein Shakes

Many protein shakes contain hormones that can cause negative side effects for teens. Those effects may include breast development for males and facial hair growth for females. Protein shakes and other dietary supplements (packed juices) have synthetic probes that affect hormones.

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