Prisoners listed for premature release given vocational training in Tamil Nadu’s Kovai

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COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore Prison department has been offering vocational training to prisoners who have completed 10 years of imprisonment and are listed for premature release.

Sunil Kumar Singh, DGP, Prisons said they planned the training for prisoners two months ago when the State announced premature release of prisoners. “The training programme is being conducted all the central prisons across the State and persons who are likely to be released will benefit through this initiative,” he said. There are 132 prisoners who completed 10 years imprisonment and probation officers are checking their eligibility for premature release. The final list would be sent to the government by November 30.

Officials said they are imparting skills to inmates that will help them start life afresh and sustain themselves upon release. “Inmates listed for premature release are given training for one week and most
of them have completed training,” said G Shanmuga Sundaram, DIG of Prisons (Coimbatore range)
They are taught to manufacture Dhoop (Sambirani), incense sticks, soap, shampoo, phenol, soap oil by an NGO. The training was arranged through the Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI), Shanmuga Sundaram added. Also, the inmates are being taught to manufacture packed drinking water at the prison’s production unit.

“Those who are in prison for over a decade will have to deal with a variety of social pressures. It will be difficult for them to find employment. Through this training, they will be able to start their own businesses. With a small investment they can start a small business,” an officer added. He added that prisoners are given certificates once they complete training which would help them to secure bank loans.

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