Prostate Cancer: New Study Claims Eating Tomatoes May Reduce Its Risk For Men

Prostate Cancer: New Study Claims Eating Tomatoes May Reduce Its Risk For Men

Experts say on the basis of a study that eating a specified portion of tomatoes on a weekly basis might reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer for men.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : September 17, 2023 7:14 PM IST

Prostate cancer only happens to men because anatomically, only they have the prostate gland responsible for the secretion of the seminal fluid. This type of cancer happens when the cells present in the gland starts to grow out of control. A new study claims that if men consumed over 10 portions of tomatoes every week, they might have strong chance at fighting this disease.

So, why have experts recommended tomatoes as the super food for men? A lot of people may not know this but tomatoes are a treasure trove of essential nutrients. Lycopene, present in this vegetable is considered o have multiple health benefits for humans. These benefits include reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer like prostate cancer.

Can Diet Help Prevent Prostate Cancer?

According to the study published in the Journal ‘Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention’, tomatoes may be able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer because of the presence of lycopene. Lycopenes have the power to fight toxins in the body that cause cell damage. Therefore, it may be able to reverse the cancerous cells in the prostate gland. Experts say that tomatoes can reduce the risk by 18 per cent.

the study also stated that prostate cancer is one of the second most common cancers among men across the world. Apparently, the cases are higher in developed countries than compared to developing countries. The reasons behind this is still unknown. Experts do suggest that diet may help in preventing this disease especially foods like baked beans and tomatoes.

All About The Study

The study was conducted by experts and researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford. Before delving into the conclusions, they closely observed the diets and lifestyle of about 1,806 men with prostate cancer between the age of 50 and 69. They also compared the diets and lifestyle of 12,005 men who did not have cancer. After that, they concluded with proof that, tomatoes, especially lycopene may play a role.

One important thing to note is that these research findings require more in-depth research and human trials. But, either way they recommend men to go for a healthy diet filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. A healthy diet may help as well.

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