PUBG Mobile Update 1.5: Features, free rewards, patch notes, download size and other details

As a piece of good news for gamers, PUBG Mobile Update 1.5 is now live. One of the most important highlights of this update is the new Tesla Gigafactory and several new firearms and vehicles that will certainly enhance gamers’ experience.

PUBG Mobile has maintained its dominance in the gaming industry impressively and the game only seems to be climbing new heights as interesting updates keep coming in. 

Notably, for the PUBG Mobile Update 1.5, the server will not be taken offline and it will require 686 MB of storage space on Android while the iOS version will require 1.64GB. Free rewards for updating PUBG Mobile to 1.5 

Players are all set to receive a couple of rewards for updating to PUBG Mobile 1.5 between July 9 and July 16 such as 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d) ×1.

What are the new updates in PUBG Mobile 1.5, Patch notes

Mission Ignition

Erangel will serve as the base for PUBG Mobile as players will seek adventures in a familiar city that has been transformed past perception. A technology and energy company named DynaHex will be using Ernagel as an experimental base for their newest scientific research. Several places in Erangel have been renamed as they now suit different purposes. 

Special Gameplay Systems in Mission Ignition

Dynamic Elements

Lifts, automatic doors, and other moving platforms will appear in the urban area. 


To make travel efficient on Erangel, the Logistics Agency has also set up HyperLines to connect the various cities of the island. 

Air Conveyor

A special transport tool has also been set up outside some urban areas and bases to help security staff travel through the air and plan patrols in the sky.​

Mission Ignition’s unique firearms include ASM Abakan


  1. Ergonomic Grip
  2. Muzzle Brake
  3. Drum Magazine

For the unversed, Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indianised version of PUBG Mobile India, which was banned in September 2020, along with other Chinese apps and games. Battlegrounds Mobile Inda was launched on July 2 for Android users.

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