PWD to consider developing roads that lead to Sabarimala airport

Erumely: The Public Works Department is considering developing the nearby roads as part of the proposed Sabarimala Greenfield Airport construction project. There are five PWD roads, including a national highway and two significant state highways, close to the airport project.

Among these, the renovation and maintenance work of the national highway and the state highways are progressing. Besides, there is a suggestion to relocate two roads that pass through the proposed project area.

Special officer of the airport project V Tulasidas had submitted the recommendations regarding road development to the government.

  • The main roads that are renovated:
    Some parts of the Punalur – Muvattupuzha state road would become part of the national highway. Meanwhile, some parts of the Thiruvananthapuram – Pulimath – Angamaly – Greenfield road that is built parallel to the MC Road would be part of the Punalur – Muvattupuzha road.
  • The new road from Ranni to Placheri Ponthanpuzha forest area, which is part of the Punalur – Muvattupuzha Road, would take a turn into the forest and pass near the Cheruvally estate via Charuveli. The documents of the satellite survey of this road have come out.
  • The initial works of the 183 A Bharanikavu – Mundakkayam national highway have begun. The inspection of the road level and the survey numbers of the plots that are taken over for road construction are currently underway.
  • The level of the road is inspected at places like Muttapally, Peroothode, Irumboonikara and Manajalaruvi. The consultancy based in Mumbai that has taken up the initial works related to the project has been instructed to collect and hand over the survey numbers as soon as possible.
  • The officials at National Highway Authority say that up to 72 – 80 hectares of land would be taken over for national highway development. The road which is 119.2 kilometres long begins at Bharanikavu in Kollam and passes through Pathanamthitta and Kottayam districts. The width of the road would be 10 metres. When the construction is completed, the road from Elavunkal to Chalakayam would be part of the national highway. Besides, the Erumely – Pampa Sabarimala road from Elavunkal to MES junction too would be part of the national highway.
  • A project to develop the 7.50 kilometres stretch in the Placheri – Karinkallumoozhi Road too has been submitted. Around Rs 33.50 crore has been allotted for this. Land in twelve metres width would be taken over for the road development. Besides, the tarring would be done in BM and BC quality. However, the lack of funds for taking over the land has jeopardised the project.
  • The Rs 5 crore project to develop the Koratti – Orunkalthadam road and Karimbinthode road is in the final stages. This road is being considered as the Erumely bypass road. The road is renovated using the developmental fund of MLA Sebastian Kulathunkal.
  • The initial works of the Ermumely – Chenapady road development to is underway.

Other main roads that are developed

  • National Highway
    State Highways 8 and 59
  • National Highway 183 A (Theni – Kottarakkara highway)
  • Besides these, the nearby Sabarimala Greenfield airport too would be renovated.
  • Erumely – Chenapady Road and Mukkada – Erumely Road that passes through the estate need to the relocated. 

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