Rare snowstorm creates stunning desert scene at national park in Arizona, photos show

A rare desert snow covered Saguaro National Park in Arizona, photos show.

A uncommon desert snow coated Saguaro National Park in Arizona, photos show.

Screengrab from Saguaro National Park

When you image the desert, snow-covered cactuses possible aren’t what involves thoughts.

This week, nonetheless, a uncommon winter snowstorm hit near Saguaro National Park in Arizona and created a stunning desert scene, photos show.

“Snow is not only a beautiful desert rarity, but snow in the mountains melts slowly and seeps into the groundwater,” Saguaro National Park officers mentioned on Facebook. “Each winter storm brings more slow-moving water that keeps our streams and springs flowing during the dry summer.”

The Tucson park usually sees mild winters. The common temperature throughout the day is about 65 levels Fahrenheit, in line with the National Park Service. At night time, the temperature stays above freezing with a mean of 40 levels.

The storm Monday introduced a light-weight snow with giant flakes to the Tucson space, in line with the National Weather Service. In most locations, the amount of snow stayed beneath 1 inch. Summerhaven, a city about 35 miles from the park, reported getting 25 inches of snow.

The snow is so uncommon in the area that some folks didn’t know to anticipate it.

“I had no idea that you ever got snow in Saguaro NP,” one Facebook commenter mentioned. “It is beautiful.”

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