Reconsider decision to censure 2 MLAs: TDP

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: Coming out against the decision taken by the Assembly Privileges Committee to censure TDLP Deputy Leaders K Atchannaidu and Nimmala Ramanaidu in the House in the ensuing session, Opposition TDP demanded that the decision be reconsidered as it is not correct to prevent the Opposition members from speaking on people’s issues in the Assembly.

Repalle MLA and TDP leader Anagani Satya Prasad on Thursday wrote separate letters to the Privileges Committee Chairman and the Assembly Secretary, stating that they should reconsider their decision with regard to the Opposition leaders. The Opposition has a responsibility to raise and bring people’s problems to the notice of the government. In a democracy, the Opposition has a duty to question the policies of the government, he pointed.

The TDP MLA said that the decision to prevent the TDLP deputy leaders from speaking in the House was taken unilaterally. “The ruling party always takes the opinion of the Opposition. Any criticism should be taken in a constructive way. Suggestions and advices are sought from the Opposition all the time. It is not correct to treat it as a crime if the TDP members question the government on policies and people’s issues,” he observed. 

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