Renault Kiger vs Nissan Magnite – Now in pictures

The RenaultNissan alliance isn’t new in India, but what certainly is – the introduction of compact SUVs from both carmakers. First was the Nissan Magnite, and then came the Renault Kiger, both sharing their underpinnings with each other. Though there’s a lot in common between the two, a lot is different too. This picture gallery shows exactly that with the Kiger on the left and Magnite on the right.

Here the exterior features are clearly evident showing how the SUVs are different, even if they have identical body shells, underpin the same CMF-A platform, and engine-gearbox options as well.


Inside, the dashboard is surprisingly different as well, though most elements are shared. Interestingly, the Magnite gets traction control on-off button, while the Kiger gets drive modes.

Glove Box

You can see that the Magnite gets a deep glove-box, but then as with most new Renault cars, the Kiger boasts of two. It will help occupants to have more storage on the dashboard than the Magnite.

Instrument Cluster

Even the instrument clusters look similar but the interface and the way information is displayed is very different. Clear and detailed info, but the one in the Kiger looks more attractive and detailed.

Infotainment System

Now, the screen size of the infotainment system and the operating system might be identical, but the Magnite goes a step up in providing a 360-camera as against the Kiger’s reverse camera only.

Gear Shifter/Gear Shifter Stalk

Both cars get a centre arm rest, but the Magnite’s comes without storage. The Kiger’s console is completely different with concealed space to accommodate more things. Looks very neat as well.

USB Port/AUX/Power Socket/Wireless Charging

There’s wireless charging on both, but with a different placement. Eventually the Kiger helps distinguish itself further with Easter eggs like caricatures on the rear windshield.

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