Rise of Apes! Monkeys kill over 80 puppies in Maharashtra for THIS reason – WATCH video

In a shocking incident, in Maharashtra’s Beed district, monkeys went on a rampage and have managed to kill 80 puppies in the last three months by throwing them from heights. 

Locals in Majalgaon, where the incident took place said that a few days ago a few stray dogs attacked an infant monkey that led to its death. Since then, monkeys in the area have been throwing off puppies a tall tree or a building. 

Take a look at the video: 

According to villagers, a gang of monkeys had entered the village who attack puppies and not many puppies are left in the village. 

After the attacks began, villagers looked to the Forest Department for help who fortunately later got in touch with the local police and have managed to capture most monkeys that were creating a menace. 

According to reports, when villagers tried to save the puppies, the monkeys attacked them as well. Now, monkeys have started attacking school students as well. 


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