Rose Day: Red, pink, white and orange; know meaning behind different colours of roses

Image Source : INDIA TV Rose Day will be celebrated on February 7

Rose Day will mark the beginning of Valentine’s Week on February 7. Lovers across the world will be looking the make this day special for their partners and gifting flowers is one way to do it right. On the occasion of Rose Day, know the meaning behind the different colours of roses and which one is the right for you depending on what stage your relationship is at. Rose has been the symbol of love for people for ages. Make this Rose Day unforgettable for your loved one by knowing the significance of every colour of rose.

Red Rose

Red is the colour of love and passion. If you are deeply in love with your partner, say I Love You to them by gifting them a bouquet of red roses. There is no better way of expressing your feeling of love and affection towards your partner than by gifting a blossoming red rose.

Pink Rose

Pink roses are generally considered a token of admiration and appreciation towards someone special. You can gift a pink rose to your friend or mentor whom you adore and respect. Know that a pink rose does not have feelings of love attached to it. 

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White Rose

If you want to start a new chapter in your life, then you can gift a white rose to the person you have your eyes on. White roses are used to express respect towards someone. It’s a perfect way of saying ‘I’m thinking about you.’

Orange Rose

An orange rose symbolises enthusiasm, passion and gratitude. You can express gratitude towards someone by gifting them an orange rose along with a letter sharing your thoughts.

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Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are given to celebrate friendship and if you want to tell your best friend what he/she means to you, gift them a bouquet of yellow roses on this Rose Day. 



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