Same-sex doctors get engaged in Nagpur ‘commitment ring ceremony’, plan Goa wedding

Even though same-sex marriage is not legally recognised in India, this does not stop many same-sex couples from celebrating their relationship with their loved ones. Doctor Surbhi Mitra and Paromita Mukherjee have also done something similar.

The couple recently got engaged in Nagpur in a “commitment ring ceremony” in which they vowed to spend their lives together. They are planning to have a wedding ceremony named “Civil Union” in Goa later this year.

They both met for the first time at a mental health conference in Kolkata, during which they exchanged contacts and began talking online. Their relationship soon blossomed. Speaking to the media, Paromita Mukherjee said, “My father knew about my sexual orientation since 2013. When I told my mother recently, she was shocked. But later, she agreed because she wants me to be happy.” Surbhi Mitra, a psychiatrist by profession, said that fortunately, she did not face any opposition from her family.

In December last year, gay couple Abhay Dange and Supriya Chakraborty got married in a private ceremony attended by family and friends in Telangana.

The Indian society is yet to embrace LGBTQIA relationships, but public reclamation of love by queer couples sends a powerful message of acceptance.


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