Sapna Choudhary Shares Clip of Massive Gathering of Fans at Her Dance Show, Video Goes Viral

Bigg Boss fame and Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary recently shared a video with her 4.2 million Instagram followers that is going crazy viral. The post shows that whether it’s reel life or real life, Sapna Choudhary has a massive fanbase. This is not an unknown fact as her dance shows generally see gatherings of thousands of fans, but the latest video convinces everyone of it.Also Read – Sapna Choudhary And Her Husband Give Bath to Buffaloes, Then This Hilarious Thing Happens. Watch Viral Video

In the video she posted a few days, Sapna Choudhary looks beautiful in a light golden suit and a glam makeup look while standing on the stage in her recent dance show. She says, “So, everybody keeps asking me where do I get the courage from? (Toh sab mere poochte rehte aapko hausla kaha se milta hai?)”. Sapna then adds, “Come, let me show you. Here’s where I get it from. (Toh aaiye dekhiye, yaha se milta hai).” Also Read – Sapna Choudhary Drives While Singing in Latest Viral Video, Netizens Remind Her to Wear Seatbelt

The camera then pans towards the audience and music plays in the background of the video as it shows the thousands of fans gathered to watch Sapna’s live show in the evening. The post says, “No caption needed…”

Watch the viral video below:

The video has gone viral with more than 6.3 lakh views, 1.35 lakh likes, and hundreds of comments. Sapna’s followers were left in awe on seeing the huge gathering of fans. Here are some of the comments:

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