A Look Back at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hair Evolution Over the Years

Long before she inspired women everywhere to embrace c-c-c-curly hair as her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker’s frothy, scrunchie-cinched eighties mane launched a million perms, marking the first of many trendsetting looks during her on-screen career, which has spanned four decades. With characteristic flair, she transitioned from air-dried flaxen waves and glossy auburn ringlets in the nineties to a prescient Sex and the City bob and a series of poker-straight styles in the aughts—popularizing blowouts as much as she did Manolo Blahniks along the way. These days, SJP has made a long, honey-dipped ombré with natural silver roots her signature, stoking refreshing conversations about aging and cementing her status as what just might be fashion’s best head of hair. In honor of her 58th birthday and the Sex and the City sequel series And Just Like That returning for a second season, here’s a look back at her most style-defining beauty moments.

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