SC to hear Mullaperiyar dam dispute case expeditiously

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear the Mullaperiyar case expeditiously for a final settlement of all disputes and posted the case for hearing on December 10. As the interim order directed Tamil Nadu to follow the rule curve fixed by the Dam Supervisory Committee, it will be able to maintain the water level at the maximum permitted storage of 142 feet. 

Senior advocate Jaideep Gupta, representing Kerala, said there was no need for emergency orders as the water level is being monitored by the Supervisory Committee as per the instructions of the court. He urged the court to consider the objections raised by Kerala regarding the rule curve fixed by the committee.

Senior advocate Shekhar Naphade who appeared for Tamil Nadu agreed that there was no need for immediate intervention. Advocate Will Mathew, representing Suraksha Public Charitable Trust, sought termination of the lease agreement between the erstwhile Madras Presidency and Travancore Kingdom. He said while ensuring water to Tamil Nadu, the security concerns of the people of Kerala cannot be overlooked.

On the plea of Periyar Protection Movement to share seepage data with Kerala, Tamil Nadu’s counsel informed the court that all records are exchanged with Kerala on a weekly basis.

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