School Officials in Kalyan Stage Protest owing to bad roads; demand work to be expedited

Officials from Kalyan’s Sacred Heart school, on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, staged a protest by sitting outside the school premises, on the road, in the pothole, demanding the road repair work to be expedited. A 14-year-old student from the school fell from the two-wheeler due to the pothole, eventually being injured severely. Reports state that the potholes have increased, and that the department has not taken steps to repair the same.

Owing to the troubles faced by the children, parents and the administration, the director of the school decided to sit in the waterlogged road thereby bring its condition to notice.

As per reports, the student fell on the NH-61 Kalyan Murbad route while returning from the baseball practice on Sunday. The parent and the child were on the two-wheeler which lost the balance after it skid on muddy road due to waterlogging.

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Quoting the school administrator, Albin Antony, the report in Hindustan Times mentioned, “I had planned this sit-in on January 22, but after her mother told me about her son’s accident and expressed her concern over his safety, I decided to do it now. Tomorrow some major tragedy will take place. Before anything of that sort happens, we want the authority to act. In the last three days, I have mailed the authority several times, but there is no response from them.”

Questions have also been raised as the local body has not taken enough steps to repair the roads and the locals have now demanded the concretisation work to be expedited. Reports state that over three-kilometres,s on NH61, is in poor condition. Similar protests were staged last year too whereby traffic congestion was the issue and students had to walk to the institute.

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Responding to the matter, NHAI official informed that the work in the mentioned stretch is underway and notice has been issued to the contractor to complete the work at the earliest. The department is expecting the same to be finished by April 2023.

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