Self Publish, Be Happy opens a new space for photography in Italy

SPBH Space Milan opens on January 26, 2023. Conceived as a laboratory, gallery and social center founded by Self Publish, Be Happy, this original place will have a program of installations, workshops, talks and events through which to promote experimentation, collaboration and contamination between art, fashion and design.

The first appointment is It’s Photography, Stupid!, an event, curated by Bruno Ceschel, that explores the broad boundaries of contemporary photography, presenting work by graduates of ECAL’s Master’s in Photography. Through a series of installations, screenings and lectures, visitors will be challenged, entertained and provoked, and invited to (re)consider the current role of photography, in an age where 3-D models, social media and AI are consistently impacting on the medium.

Starting January 26, the space will host a site-specific kinetic sculpture by German artist Clemens Fischer, an oversized machine that attempts unsuccessfully to record images of itself and the audience in a frustratingly endless loop. At once comical and playful, the sculpture invites the audience to reassess their reverence and fear of technology. Fischer’s monolith is a photographic totem that demands both adoration and ridicule.

The same day there will be a performance by the musician Tam Bor (aka Giacomo Bastianelli), while on March 9, 2023, Augustin Lignier will occupy the SPBH Space with a large white box, illuminated by 10 rows of neon hanging from the top wall.

It’s Photography, Stupid! will also include two short films by Nikolai Frerichs and Alessia Gunawan that explore themes of love and national identity, respectively, using a variety of visual tools such as CGI, found footage, and AI images. 

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