Smart elephants smash through rail barricades, stump forest officials

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BENGALURU:  Tall claims of consultants and forest division officials that rail barricades will assist management the man-elephant menace have now been busted.In the final one week, elephants in three totally different places of Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (NTR) have crashed through and uprooted rail barricades to make their method into close by villages, forcing the forest division to take a look at different methods to manage the battle and even re-think whether or not rail barricades are very best in mitigating the elephant menace. 

The newest incident was reported on Friday at Veeranahosahalli vary, the place a tusker broke the rails. The earlier two incidents have been from Kollavige and Mudugunur villages. “Normally, we used to see elephants squeezing their way through or climbing over the rails. But now they have broken the barricades and entered the villages, destroying crops and properties. Elephants have managed to identify weak spots in the rails and bumped into them repeatedly to break out,” NTR Director D Mahesh Kumar advised TNIE.  

Now as a trial, NTR is electrifying the rail barricade with solar energy on a 7 km stretch at Antharsanthe and DB Kuppe to see whether or not it’s efficient. The newest incidents have pressured the forest division to maintain its plan on maintain to erect rails at forest patches, together with Bhadra and Kali tiger reserves. The officials may even examine the already erected rails.

“The rails were introduced 8-9 years ago and so far, their condition has not been assessed. In some places, they have corroded and in others, they are bent because of the force used by elephants. In some other spots, elephants have widened the gap between two barricades and made their way,” stated a senior forest official. 

Till now, all of the strategies employed by forest officials to manage the motion of elephants have been futile. They have tried elephant-proof trenches, chilli fences, photo voltaic fencing (horizontal, hanging and double tentacled) and alarm system. “Elephants have outsmarted everything. This proves that elephant corridors need to be strengthened to ensure conflicts are reduced,” stated an knowledgeable. 

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