Sonja Morgan Teases ‘RHONY’s ‘Empowering’ New Season: Why ‘It’s Unlike Any Other’ Before It

Sonja Morgan reveals why followers are ‘going to love’ the brand new season of ‘RHONY’, which premieres on May 4.

The trailer for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York City was fairly wild, so we weren’t too shocked when Sonja Morgan informed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the latest episodes of the sequence, which kick off on May 4, are a few of the finest ones but. What did shock us was her cause for breaking glass within the trailer.

“They [showed] me smashing glass in the trailer with my handbag, and you’ll see more on how I get to that point. But I think it started with Leah [McSweeney] taking me to box with [her trainer] Martin,” Sonja first defined, whereas including, “I’ve learned a lot through the pandemic” — particularly amidst the Black Lives Matter motion. Sonja hinted that numerous issues that occurred whereas filming actually upset her, and he or she went on to say that regardless that her act of violence felt “empowering”, it was her “lashing out after a fruits of classes realized with my pals on RHONY“.

“You’re gonna love this season,” Sonja added. “It’s just a really good season — it’s unlike any other season. We’ve never been closer friends ever. Ramona [Singer] and Luann [de Lesseps] and I are like family and [we have] decades and decades of history together. I think you’re going to be very impressed with this season, as compared to last season — it’s very interesting and there’s a lot of growth. Eboni [K. Williams] of course — I can’t speak any more highly of her. We’re very close. I adore her. She’s very empowering not only to me, but to others.”

“She’s a force,” Sonja continued. “She is beautiful and if I may say, sensual. She is a passionate woman, but she’s not about herself — she’s about a greater mission, and she’s really intuitive and empowering. That’s who she is. And Leah is [similar]. I don’t think that Leah makes things about herself. I think she’s thinking of a bigger picture when she goes off on somebody. So it’s going to be a really good season. And I think with Ramona and Luann, we can laugh at ourselves, which helps a lot.”

And talking of Leah. Sonja touched upon a current report that mentioned Leah chased RHONY alum Heather Thomson away from filming the new season, and informed us, “Heather didn’t realize what she was [getting into] when she came by the weekend we were in the Hamptons. We are a very involved type group who empower each other. Even when we get conflict, it’s because we feel the love for each other and demand that change within each other. I think Heather — when she came — she was more concerned with how she was looking as [‘Head Bitch In Charge’], more than [she cared about] empowering people, so she really, she got a rude awakening when she came. I think we’ve all grown quite a bit, and she hasn’t been on the show [or a while].”

Want extra? Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York City premieres Tuesday, May 4, at 9pm on Bravo.

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