Soon you can hide your WhatsApp online status

WhatsApp lets its users know the last seen and online status of other users by going to the person’s private chat. WhatsApp users can change who can see their last contact for everyone, my contacts except, or no one. However, the online status is visible to everyone and cannot be controlled from the app settings from now on. But according to the latest information, the online messaging platform is working on the ability to hide the online status. WABetaInfo reported on the same thing by tweeting, “WhatsApp is working on the ability to hide the online status! WhatsApp is finally listening to user feedback by developing a feature that lets us choose who can see when we are online on WhatsApp!”

You can know that last seen and online tells you the last time your contacts used WhatsApp, or if they are online. According to information shared by WABetaInfo via a report, the feature to select who can see when you are online or not will be coming in a future WhatsApp beta update for Android, iOS, and desktop. It can be known that WhatsApp users have been requesting the function of hiding online status for a long time.

Sharing a screenshot, WABetaInfo said, “it will be possible to configure who can see when we are online right within our last seen settings thanks to two new options: “Everyone” and “Same as Last Seen”. For example, if you choose “My contacts” for “Last Seen” and “Same as Last Seen” for “online”, it means non-contacts won’t be able to see when you’re online.”

The request for the same can be based on various reasons, such as not wanting to be bothered by other people, or if they feel harassed by someone, among others. According to the information, once the feature that allows users to choose who can see when they are online is implemented, WhatsApp users will be able to find it directly in the WhatsApp Privacy Settings.

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