How a PR Founder and New Mom Embraces Nature and Keeps Her Rituals

How did you see yourself as a woman before motherhood, and how do you see yourself now?

Pre-motherhood, I was a high-performing yet high-strung overthinker. Setting boundaries was not my strong suit. Now as a mama, I am much more in the moment and in tune with my current environment. What am I feeling? What needs to happen right now? I am letting things come to me. When something feels important, I waste no time going after it, but there is a much stronger filter of what deserves my attention.

 How has motherhood changed how you think about your personal style?

I have totally embraced wanting to look and feel gorgeous—I don’t need irony. I want to feel beautiful, powerful, and comfortable. During the pandemic, I ditched my dyed blonde hair, and I’m now sporting my God-given, somewhat-unremarkable brown hair. It’s my natural color, and frankly it suits me, and that opened a Pandora’s box of self-acceptance.

 Has having a child contributed to or influenced your creativity and/or method of working?  

Yes! I have become a truth bomb! Do you want the truth? Do you want to hear it right now? Come talk to me! Having a baby gave me permission to do things for myself that I just couldn’t muster the courage to do before. You realize that time is precious and you only want to give your time to people and projects that are inspiring, innovative, and passion driven. Making work fun is fundamental because if it isn’t you bring those frustrations home and it lingers. Not good. I have established rituals with my son that take precedence over everything, like bath time. That is our special moment. Motherhood opened the door for me to embrace an uncompromising commitment to living passionately.

Photo: Courtesy of Sophie Conti

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