Spider-Man: No Way Home Box Office Rockets With $587.2 Million Opening Weekend

Spider-Man: No Way Home has delivered one of the best opening weekends of all time, having grossed an estimated $587.2 million (about Rs. 4,468 crore) since its release last week at the worldwide box office. It’s the third largest launch for any Hollywood movie — behind only Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War — and the biggest yet for Sony Pictures for all time. The new Spider-Man movie achieved this feat without the help of China, traditionally Hollywood’s second biggest market. In India, Spider-Man: No Way Home had the second largest opening weekend of all time for a Hollywood movie, and the biggest opening weekend in IMAX of all time.

That $587.2 million figure for Spider-Man: No Way Home is split $253 million (about Rs. 1,925 crore) from 4,336 cinemas in the US and Canada since Friday debut, and the remaining $334.2 million (about Rs. 2,543 crore) from theatres in 60 territories around the world across five days. Among the latter, the UK led with $41.4 million (about Rs. 315 crore), followed by the likes of Mexico at $32.4 million (about Rs. 246 crore) as the biggest opening ever, South Korea at $23.7 million (about Rs. 180 crore) despite a curfew from Saturday, Australia at $18.7 million (about Rs. 142 crore) for the third biggest opening ever, and India at $18.2 million (about Rs. 138 crore) which is staggering.

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Behind them, we have Brazil at $17.9 million (about Rs. 136 crore) as the second biggest debut of all time, France at $17.8 million (about Rs. 135 crore), Russia at $17.4 million (about Rs. 132 crore), Germany at $11.4 million (about Rs. 86 crore), Spain at $10.4 million (about Rs. 79 crore) for the third biggest opening of all time, Indonesia at $8.2 million (about Rs. 62 crore), Taiwan at $7.3 million (about Rs. 55 crore), Argentina at $6.8 million (about Rs. 51 crore) for the best debut ever, Hong Kong at $6.3 million (about Rs. 48 crore), Saudi Arabia at $5.2 million (about Rs.39 crore) for the biggest debut ever, Malaysia at $5.1 million (about Rs. 38 crore), and the UAE at $4.1 million (about Rs. 31 crore).

That leaves Ecuador at $3.7 million (about Rs. 28 crore), Israel at $2.7 million (about Rs. 20 crore), Ukraine at $2.4 million (about Rs. 18 crore), New Zealand at $2.3 million (about Rs. 17 crore), Turkey at $1.4 million (about Rs. 10 crore), and Egypt at $1.3 million (about Rs. 9.9 crore). Spider-Man: No Way Home opens Thursday, December 23 in Thailand, January 7 in Japan which is usually big for Spider-Man, and January 14 in Norway. No release date No Way Home for China as yet.

Spider-Man: No Way Home didn’t just break IMAX records in India. The new Spider-Man movie made $36.2 million (about Rs. 275 crore) in IMAX for Sony Pictures’ best ever launch in the big-screen format — and the biggest IMAX opening since Endgame in April 2019. Alongside India, Spider-Man: No Way Home had IMAX’s best-ever opening weekends in Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. For Sony Pictures, Spider-Man: No Way Home had the biggest IMAX performance in 50 markets including Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, the UAE, and the UK.

Warner Bros. started its roll out of The Matrix Resurrections in a few markets last week. The new Matrix movie has brought in $9.2 million (about Rs. 70 crore) so far from Russia, Japan, Thailand, and four other territories. Russia and Japan jointly lead the way with $3.9 million (about Rs. 29 crore) apiece, and Thailand contributed $794,000 (about Rs. 6 crore) for the country’s third best opening in 2021. The Matrix Resurrections will open in 71 more markets this week, including India and the US where it releases Wednesday, December 22. Also on HBO Max in the US on day one.


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