State-level football tournament organised for blind players

Siliguri (West Bengal) [India], September 13 (ANI): For the first time in Siliguri, a state-level football tournament was organised for visually impaired players on Sunday.

It was a day-long knock out tournament organised in the district to encourage and boost up their morale so that they make a career in sports.

The tournament is being organised by a unique welfare society where a total of four teams from the state participated.

“Public has given a good response to it and some organisations have also supported us. The blind persons are not lagging behind, they can do anything as a normal being,” said Vanu, a unique welfare society organiser.

Rajkumar Bhagat, a player from the Football Association for Blind of Bengal (FABB) team, said: “It is very good for us. After two years of the Covid pandemic, we are again on the ground to showcase our talents”.

Speaking further, Bhagat said, “We are not getting any help from the government. Our situation can be better if they pay attention to us but I am thankful to welfare society for organising a tournament”. (ANI)

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