Rich and delicious strawberry pudding infused with love for V-Day

Infuse your love in this rich and delicious strawberry pudding to impress your better half for that Valentine’s Day date. This easy recipe could be your saving grace if you are running on a deadline to make that perfect home made dinner for your special day.

½ cup milk
½ cup sugar
½ tbsp agar agar powder (you could also use gelatine or China grass)
1 bread slice
3-4 strawberries


Cut off the sides of the bread slice

Grind the bread along with sugar, milk and agar agar powder in a mixer jar

Pour this into a pan

Boil on low flame

Take it off the flame as soon as it boils

Cut the strawberries into thin slices

Spread the strawberry slices on the sides of the dish

Pour the bread-milk mixture into it

Keep it in the fridge until the pudding sets

After the pudding is set, flip it onto a serving dish

Slice the pudding into pieces and serve.

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