Sunny Arya: Comedian, Actor, YouTuber and a person with kind heart for needy people

Source: |Updated: Jan 11, 2022, 03:04 PM IST

In this modern age everyone wants to live a good life, and wants to achieve everything their hearts desire. This world is cruel but there are some good hearts who still thinks about others more than themselves, Yes we are going to talk someone like this who achieve everything by doing hard work and never forget to help others.

Sunny Arya who lives in New Delhi and a Comedian, Actor, and YouTuber. He has a channel on Youtube – “Tehelka Prank ” he has started his channel in 2019 but he never thought that people will give him huge amount of love and his channel will be famous just in few months, he has more than 15 Lakhs subscribers on Youtube and 20 Lakhs followers on facebook and he is having 5 different YouTube channels, but it was never easy for him, it becomes possible only because of his hard work,

He went to Mumbai just like many actors do expecting a good life and a step towards their dreams, he failed but still never stopped trying and moved back to his home.

After coming back to New delhi he started his Youtube channel “Tehelka Prank ”  it just took a while and his channel become so popular on Youtube, People started loving his funny videos and really good acting and than he never looked back, and keep working hard for it and gained more than 15 lakh subscribers on YouTube & 20 lakh followers on facebook just in few months, people started liking his videos just because of his acting who always entertain them.

He started earning and now just one thing he wanted to do which was his favorite thing it was “Helping Others” So he made his another Youtube channel “Helping Sunny Arya”

through this channel he started motivating others to help those who aren’t able to fullfil their daily needs also he do the same by providing things like clothes, wheelchair etc. things to others. He has helped a lot of people by his channel.

Everyone knows that Sunny is a kind hearted person and it reflects in his nature very well. His contents are always motivational and helpful of the society and that’s he got so many likes and share on his every videos.

Sunny appeals to everyone that if you have more than you need, then come forward and be the ‘helping hand’ of those who have no one in this world for help and he tries his best to provide everything to those who need it and can’t afford.

In this modern age this country only needs people like Sunny, who spend their whole lives for the betterment of the people.

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