Taliban bans trimming beards, ‘stylish’ hairstyles in Afghanistan’s Helmand province

Ever since Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, was taken over by the Taliban, certain norms and regulations in the country have changed as per the group’s ideology. In recent news, the Taliban has issued a new rule regarding the grooming and styling of hair in the country.

As per reports, the Taliban has said that shaving or trimming beards in the Helmand province of Afghanistan has been banned for the hairdressers and salon workers. The insurgent group further said that stylish haircuts in the province have also been banned.

The provincial ministry for the propagation of virtue and prevention of vice, governed by the Taliban, issued a notice recently which states that all those who don’t follow the rules regarding the beards and hairstyles in Helmand will be punished by the government.

The Taliban, as per reports, has further stated that salons and hairdressers are not allowed to play music inside the premises in accordance with the new rules. The Taliban also said that while shaving beards and giving haircuts, the hairdressers in Helmand should follow Sharia Law.

Media reports suggest that barbers in the Helmand province have already packed up and left the area to make sure that they are not targeted by the Taliban after the group formed its own government and began cracking down on those embracing fashion trends.

From 1996 to 2001, the militant group had also imposed a ban on stylish haircuts and prohibited men from growing beards. Now, rules regarding the appearance of men are making their way back to Afghanistan, under the rule of the Taliban.

The Taliban assumed control of Kabul last month, after which it announced its own government in Afghanistan, sparking protests from the citizens of the country and world leaders. The group also announced its cabinet a few weeks back, consisting of only Taliban members and no women.

Following the criticism of their non-inclusive cabinet, the Taliban issued a statement that women will be appointed to certain positions in the necessary sections, but further announcements or steps regarding this initiative have been taken by the group yet.

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