Taliban Hands Over 12.3 Million USD & Gold To Afghnistan’s Central Bank

New Delhi: The Taliban has claimed that they are committed to transparency after they handed over about 12.3 million U.S. dollars cash and some gold to Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the country’s central bank.

According to reports, the cash and gold were found from the houses of former administration officials and local offices of the former government’s intelligence agency.

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After returning the cash and gold to Da Afghanistan Bank’s treasury, the bank said in a statement 

“The officials of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan by handing over the assets to national treasury proved their commitment to transparency.”

On Tuesday, the Taliban thanked the world for pledging millions of dollars in emergency aid to Afghanistan. The acting foreign minister of the Taliban’s government Amir Khan Muttaqi said that they want good bilateral relations with the other countries around the world including the United States, reported Tolo News. 

“We want them not to pressure Afghanistan because pressure does not work and does not benefit Afghanistan nor world countries,” he said in a press conference in Kabul. 

Muttaqi said the Taliban will coordinate with the aid providers in reaching the people in need and ensured the transparency of the aid’s distribution, reported Tolo News.

“We ensure that the aid will be distributed transparently to the people,” he said.

A number of the aid providers, however, said they will not give the money directly to the Taliban, but will instead reach the people in need through humanitarian organizations and aid workers, reported Tolo News.

Muttaqi also called on the countries, especially the Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank, to provide development funds to Afghanistan for educations and other sectors. 


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