‘Tampon Rock’: A One-Of-A-Kind Podcast That Combines Rock Music, Comedy & The Queer Perspective

Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument and Sophie Dinicol speak concerning the artistic course of behind their music-infused, comedy podcast collection ‘Tampon Rock’ out now! The trio additionally reveal their ‘deal breakers’ in a recreation with HollywoodLife.

In a world the place there’s no scarcity of podcasts, there’s nonetheless nothing fairly like Tampon Rock. First off, calling it a podcast is an understatement  — it’s a scripted sitcom collection from Anthem Entertainment and that iHeart Podcast Network that mixes each comedy and unique music from co-workers-turned-collaborators Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument and Sophie Dinicol. It’s additionally not made by the same old folks you see within the government producer credit. “I’m just so, just so exhausted of seeing the same white men doing the same sitcoms,” Alysia EXCLUSIVELY advised HollywoodLife forward of the podcast’s premiere day on Dec. 3 (you may listen to the podcast, here).

The creators of Tampon Rock, from left to proper: Sarah Aument, Alysia Brown, Sophie Dinicol. (Photo Credit: Sydney Goodwin)

Instead, Tampon Rock introduces two lead characters who’re additionally lesbians — Deja and Chloe — and are finest associates/roommates/bandmates within the fictional band referred to as G.O.A.L (The Greatest Of All Lesbians). The title of the podcast itself is a reclamation of an insult about women-made rock that got here into recognition within the 1980’s, which, unsurprisingly, has been used largely by males. “It’s not a slur per se, but a negative way to describe rock music for women,” Alysia stated, naming the all-women ’90s rock group The Donnas for example. Sarah added that whereas “Tampon Rock” isn’t “hugely in the vernacular,” they determined to “own this sh-t.”

Tampon Rock
Tampon Rock follows the journey of roommates and finest associates Deja and Chloe, as they make their manner by way of each the courting and music world in Oakland. (Artist Credit: Sanika Phawde)

Alysia, Sarah and Sophie know so much about music: it’s the explanation all of them crossed paths within the first place. The trio met whereas working at Jingle Punks, an audio artistic company, the place they nonetheless maintain numerous music-related positions (Alysia and Sophie are each music supervisors, whereas Sarah — who’s a part of a real-life music electro-pop duo referred to as Tmboy — is head of artistic companies). So, working collectively comes naturally to the three creatives, even after the pandemic pressured them to speak primarily by way of Zoom. “I think it’s just fun to just be the creators of your own stuff and have no rules,” Alysia stated, explaining that they play with “different genres” and nearly each concept, regardless of how “outlandish.” Such brainstorming periods led to the creation of “My Heart Has A Heavy Flow (…Period Blood!),” “Nipples!,” and different such cheeky gems that’ll be featured within the podcast’s rating.

Aside from the podcast’s heavy musical affect, it’s additionally a sitcom about courting. “I used to love dating…honestly, stand up [comedy] and dating was like, my thing. Like I loved it. And I think I wanted to kind of have a story where it also talks about like, Black lesbians, or like dating as a Black woman in New York. And I wanted to kind of have a story that’s in the sphere of content that had that kind of story,” Alysia stated, who identified the significance of seeing her “identity” in an trade the place slice-of-life comedies are dominated by the heteronormative perspective. Meanwhile, LGBTQ characters are sometimes reserved for “traumatic” tales, which Sarah additionally mentioned within the video above.

Even the setting of the podcast sitcom is exclusive: Oakland! “I think when we first started, we were just like, New York’s already been done,” Alysia recalled. The identical utilized to the second most well-known metropolis within the U.S., Los Angeles. That led the threesome to the Bay Area. “Oakland is kind of like if New York and LA had a baby,” Alysia noticed.

From the unique rating to its setting, tone, quips and queer characters, Tampon Rock is in its personal lane in an trade the place an excessive amount of visitors is directed to the identical sort of comedy with the identical ensemble that goes by way of a rinse and repeat cycle in media. You can watch the remainder of the Tampon Rock creators’ interview above. Alysia, Sarah and Sophie additionally reveal their relationship and roommate “Deal Breakers” in a recreation with HollywoodLife, which you’ll watch within the second video above as nicely!

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