Cops alert female pillion riders against loose garments

Hyderabad: Negligence while sitting pillion on motorcycles wearing a burqa can be fatal. A young girl from Yacharam died after her burqa got stuck in the rear wheel of a motorcycle. The girl Sana, a degree student was going along with her brother at Yacharam when her burqa came in the rear wheel of the motorcycle. She slipped from the bike and died due to severe head injuries.

Following the accident traffic police warned women riding pillion to be careful with their clothes while sitting pillion on motorcycles. “Always there is always a risk of loose clothes like scarves, chunni, burqa and sarees getting stuck in the rear wheel of bikes. So one needs to be careful,” pointed out a senior traffic police official.

He further explained that often one doesn’t notice the cloth is on the verge of getting stuck in the wheel until other road users alert us. “Not always one is lucky, so better one should be alert. Often we find women/ girls busy with mobile phones while sitting pillion on motorcycles and bothered little about their own safety,” the official added.

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The police suggest that it is always advisable for women instead of sitting on one side, usually facing the left side of the road. It is advisable they sit double sided on the bike, unless there are any health related issues, not only is it comfortable but also safe.

“In road accidents we see women pillion riders fall down and sustain head injuries because they were sitting one sided. When any bike skids, the rider is sits double sides so there is scope for him to fall on the left side of the road where as the woman who single sided loose balance and fall on the right side of the road and directly come under the wheel of the bus, lorry of car,” he pointed out.

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